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Junior Sports Coaching
in Gedling

In this modern world of advanced technology, where every child can find themselves on an exciting adventure in an unknown world at the flick of a controller switch, it can become easy to forget other activities, even ones invaluable to a child’s development. There has not been a video game designed on any platform that can improve physical and mental health, develop motor, cognitive and social skills, teach discipline and resilience and build self-esteem and social skills while having fun.


All things provided by participating in team sports.

Grade A Sports is a top provider of junior sports coaching in Gedling, with over 10 years of experience working in primary and secondary schools, delivering the highest quality physical education to all. We believe there should be no obstacles for children to fulfil their dreams, regardless of ability or background and our connections with professional and grassroots clubs can provide the springboard for their career ambitions.


Get in touch with our helpful team and discover the sports coaching sessions that can take your little Mary Earps and Jude Bellinghams to the next level.

Benefits of Sport for Children

Though we touched on the child development benefits of junior sports coaching for Nottingham, we believe it is important to understand the advantages offered to children by participating in sports and group activities, both physically and socially.

  • Physical Health
    Sports engagement promotes regular exercise, strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular health and maintains a healthy weight.

  • Social Skills
    Participation in group activities teaches teamwork, communication and leadership, essential skills for success in various aspects of life.

  • Sense of Belonging
    Sports cultivate camaraderie and a sense of belonging among children, reducing feelings of loneliness, improving social integration and developing empathy.

  • Discipline and Perseverance
    Children learn discipline, perseverance and resilience through sports, as they set goals, work hard and overcome challenges. They learn that not everything in life comes easy, but if you put in the work, you will see the results you want.

  • Self-Confidence
    Achievements in sports and group activities boost children's self-confidence and self-esteem as they recognise their capabilities and accomplishments. It can also help bolster a supportive nature as members of a team.

  • Healthy Competition
    Engaging in sports teaches children about healthy competition, encouraging fair play, respect for opponents and graciousness in victory or defeat.

  • Stress Relief
    Participation in physical activities serves as an outlet for stress and pent-up energy, promoting mental well-being and reducing anxiety.

  • Life Skills
    Sports teach valuable life lessons such as time management, responsibility and the importance of dedication and commitment.


Overall, sports and group activities contribute significantly to children's holistic development, enhancing their physical, social and emotional well-being while imparting essential life skills for their future success.


Nottingham Sports in Education

When it comes to Nottingham junior sports coaching, Grade A Sports are becoming the go to company for a balanced provision of physical activity and sporting theory. We have worked in many schools around Nottingham and using our decade of experience, we have developed a range of packages designed to suit the schedule of a busy school.

Morning Packages

Our morning package includes a breakfast sports club and morning physical education sessions, including three lessons with incorporated knowledge focus. A lunch time sports club can be provided too at an additional cost.

Afternoon Packages

A lunch time sports club, afternoon physical education sessions and an after school sports club. Three more lessons are provided with this package and include the specific knowledge focus.

All-Day Packages

Our full-day packages include all six lessons with knowledge focus, the morning breakfast club, the lunch time sports club and the after school activities. This package provides an opportunity for many children of different ages to participate throughout the day and represents our best value for money.

Wrap Around Care

A weekly breakfast and after school club to help with all the children whose parents need to drop them off a little earlier or pick them up a little later.

After School Clubs

A sports after school club available for one or two hours. A wide range of mainstream and

alternative sports to choose from aimed at all abilities.

Bespoke Packages

A package designed to fit your school’s needs. Tailor your timetable to fit with your school schedule.


School Holiday Sports Activities

We Help Parents Too

“Mum, Dad, I’m bored.”

Sound familiar? Parents typically encounter a significant challenge during school holidays; struggling to balance work commitments while ensuring their children are occupied. Finding suitable childcare or organising activities can become a logistical nightmare or a financial burden we could all live without.


Throughout the summer of 2023, Grade A Sports delivered over 600 hours of high-quality sports and development activities to children in Gedling and the surrounding Nottingham areas, as part of the HAF (Holiday Activity and Food) programme. The objective of the HAF programme is to offer support to children from local schools during the holiday periods, including free places to children who would usually be provided with a free school meal.


We believe the HAF programme is an essential scheme that allows children from difficult backgrounds have the same opportunities and required social development of their peers.

Through the summer of 2023, we provided over 2000 hot meals to children from over 30 different schools along with engaging holiday activities filled with laughter, friendship and fun.


Contact us to find out about our upcoming school holiday sports programme in Gedling.

It's clear that Grade A Sports realise the positive difference sport and physical education can make to a pupil. They are highly skilled providers that act as a vital tool for schools.




Jason Lee
Equalities Education Executive

Professional Footballers' Association


Let’s Get Active Together

Sport is the greatest way to connect with anyone. This is a fact. If you meet someone in a far-off land, who does not speak your language, what can you say? Just kick a ball to them and they will no doubt kick it back.


At Grade A Sports, we truly believe this and are passionate about delivering unrivalled sports in education to children through our Gedling junior sports coaching. Everything we do is aimed at helping children achieve and develop through participation sports, so they can have a brighter future and a better today.


Have a chat with one of our helpful team and discover how one of our packages could make all the difference to your school and your child.

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