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Wrap around care

Welcome to Our Wrap-Around Care Programme!


At our Wrap-Around Care, we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment designed to support the needs of both children and parents. Our comprehensive care service ensures that your child starts and ends their school day with a range of enriching activities and nutritious meals.


Morning Motivation

Kickstart the day with a nutritious hot and cold breakfast, ensuring your child is energised and ready to learn. Our breakfast options cater to all dietary needs, offering a variety of healthy and delicious choices.


After School Haven

Once the school bell rings, our program transforms into an exciting after-school haven where your child can unwind, learn, and play. We offer a nutritious hot meal to recharge their energy, preparing them for an evening of fun and engagement.


Activities Galore

We believe in holistic development, and our range of activities reflects this commitment:


- Sports: From favourites like football & basketball to unique options like archery we cater for every child.

- Arts & Crafts: Let your child's creativity soar with our diverse arts and crafts sessions.

- Cooking Lessons: Teach your child the joy of cooking with our fun and educational cooking lessons.

- Dance & Drama: Encourage self-expression and confidence through our dynamic dance and drama classes.

- Team Building Games: Foster teamwork and social skills with engaging team-building games.

- Reading Stars: Cultivate a love for reading with our dedicated reading stars program.

- Super Movers: Promote physical fitness with our fun and energetic super movers activities.

- Enrichment Activities: Broaden your child's horizons with a variety of enrichment activities designed to stimulate their minds and curiosity.


Our Wrap-Around Care Program is designed to be a seamless extension of your child's school day, providing the perfect balance of learning, play, and rest. Join us to ensure your child enjoys a holistic and enriching experience every day!

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Location: Carlton Infant Academy, Nottingham, NG4 1QS


Wrap around care
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Mornings | 7:30am - 9am (£5)

After Schools | 3:15pm - 6pm (£10)

Full Days | Morning & After School (£13)

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

*10% Discount on term bookings​

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