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Children's Sports Coaching in Worksop

In today's digital age, where children can immerse themselves in virtual adventures at the push of a button, it's crucial not to overlook activities essential for their development. While video games offer excitement, they lack the ability to develop physical and mental well-being, motor skills, cognitive abilities and social skills, or instil discipline, resilience and self-esteem – all benefits of participating in team sports or group activities.


Grade A Sports excels as a premier provider of children’s football coaching in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, boasting over a decade of experience in primary and secondary schools. We are committed to delivering top-notch physical education to all students. We firmly believe no child should face unfair barriers to achieving their dreams, regardless of ability or background. Through our extensive network of professional and grassroots clubs, we provide fantastic opportunities to help children fulfil their sporting dreams.


Reach out to our knowledgeable team and explore the sports coaching sessions that can help your little Jude Bellingham or Mary Earps develop their abilities and reach new heights.


Benefits of Sports for Children

While we mentioned the benefits of child development through Nottingham children’s football coaching, we really want to emphasise the advantages participation in sports and group activities can offer children, encompassing both physical and social aspects.

  • Physical Health
    Participation in sports promotes regular exercise, strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular health and helps maintain a healthy weight.

  • Social Skills
    Involvement in group activities fosters teamwork, communication and leadership – essential for success in various aspects of life.

  • Sense of Belonging
    Sports cultivate camaraderie and a sense of belonging, reducing feelings of loneliness, enhancing social integration and nurturing empathy.

  • Discipline and Perseverance
    Through sports, children learn discipline, perseverance and resilience as they set goals, work hard and overcome challenges.

  • Self-Confidence
    Achievements in sports boost children's self-confidence and self-esteem as they recognise their capabilities and accomplishments.

  • Healthy Competition
    Engaging in sports teaches children about healthy competition, promoting fair play, respect for opponents and graciousness in victory or defeat.

  • Stress Relief
    Participation in physical activities serves as an outlet for stress and pent-up energy, promoting mental well-being and reducing anxiety.

  • Life Skills
    Sports impart valuable life lessons such as time management, responsibility and the importance of dedication and commitment.


Overall, sports and group activities significantly contribute to children's holistic development, enhancing their physical, social and emotional well-being while equipping them with essential life skills for future success.

Sports in Education for Worksop 

When it comes to children’s football coaching in Worksop, Grade A Sports has emerged as the top choice for providing a comprehensive offering of physical activity and sports theory. With over a decade of experience and having served numerous schools in Worksop, we have developed a range of packages tailored to accommodate the demanding schedule of a school day.

Morning Packages

Our morning package includes a breakfast sports club and morning physical education sessions, including three lessons with an incorporated knowledge focus. A lunchtime sports club can also be provided at an additional cost.

Afternoon Packages

A lunchtime sports club, afternoon physical education sessions and an after school sports club are included in this package. Three additional lessons are provided, each with a specific knowledge focus.

All-Day Packages

Our full-day packages include all six lessons with a knowledge focus, the morning breakfast club, the lunchtime sports club and the after school activities. This package offers opportunities for children of different ages to participate throughout the day and represents excellent value for money.

Wrap Around Care

A weekly breakfast and afterschool club are provided to assist parents who need to drop off or pick up their children a little earlier or later.

After School Clubs

Our after school sports club offers a wide range of mainstream and alternative sports aimed at all abilities, available for one or two hours.

Bespoke Packages

Tailor your timetable to fit your school's needs with our bespoke package options.

School Holiday Sports Activities

Supporting Parents Too


“Mum, Dad, I’m bored.”

Recognise this? Parents often face a significant challenge during school holidays: juggling work commitments while ensuring their children remain engaged. Finding suitable childcare or arranging activities can quickly become a logistical nightmare or an unwelcome financial strain.

During the summer of 2023, Grade A Sports helped by delivering over 600 hours of high-quality sports and developmental activities to children in Worksop and the surrounding Nottingham areas as part of the HAF (Holiday Activity and Food) program.


The primary goal of the HAF initiative is to help children from local schools during holiday periods, including offering free places to those who would typically receive free school meals.


We firmly believe that the HAF program is a vital initiative, enabling children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the same opportunities and essential social development as their peers. Throughout the summer of 2023, we served over 2000 hot meals to children from more than 30 different schools, alongside hosting engaging holiday activities filled with laughter, camaraderie and enjoyment.


Contact us to learn more about our upcoming school holiday sports program in Worksop.

It's clear that Grade A Sports realise the positive difference sport and physical education can make to a pupil. They are highly skilled providers that act as a vital tool for schools.




Jason Lee
Equalities Education Executive

Professional Footballers' Association


Let’s Get Active Together

Sports are one of the greatest ways to connect to others. If you meet someone who doesn’t speak your language, simply kick them a ball. More than likely, they'll kick it right back, highlighting the universal language and bond that sports create.


At Grade A Sports, we wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy and are dedicated to providing unparalleled sports education to children through our Worksop children’s football coaching. Our mission revolves around aiding children in achieving personal growth and development through active participation in sports, thereby shaping a brighter future and improving their present circumstances.


Have a chat with a member of our expert team and discover how one of our packages could give your school, pupils or child the skills and knowledge to greatly develop.

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